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3/16"ID x 5/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1/4"ID x 3/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1/4"ID x 7/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
5/16"ID x 7/16"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 5/16"ID x 1/2"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3/8"ID x 1/2"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
3/8"ID x 9/16"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3/8"ID x 5/8"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 7/16"ID x 9/16"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
7/16"ID x 5/8"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 7/16"ID x 11/16"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 7/16"ID x 3/4"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
7/16"ID x 13/16"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1/2"ID x 5/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1/2"ID x 11/16"-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1/2"ID x 3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1/2"ID x 13/16"-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1/2"ID x 7/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1/2"ID x 1"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 9/16"ID x 11/16"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 9/16"ID x 3/4"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
9/16"ID x 13/16"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 9/16"ID x 7/8"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 5/8"ID x 3/4"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
5/8"ID x 13/16"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 5/8"ID x 7/8"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 5/8"ID x 15/16"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
5/8"ID x 1"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 5/8"ID x 1-1/8"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 11/16"ID x 13/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
11/16"ID x 7/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 11/16"ID x 15/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 11/16"ID x 1"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
3/4"ID x 7/8"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3/4"ID x 15/16"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3/4"ID x 1"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
3/4"ID x 1-1/16"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3/4"ID x 1-1/8"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3/4"ID x 1-3/16"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
3/4"ID x 1-1/4"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 13/16"ID x 15/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 13/16"ID x 1"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
13/16"ID x 1-1/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 13/16"ID x 1-1/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 13/16"ID x 1-3/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
7/8"ID x 1"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 7/8"ID x 1-1/16"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 7/8"ID x 1-1/8"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
7/8"ID x 1-3/16"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 7/8"ID x 1-1/4"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 7/8"ID x 1-3/8"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
15/16"ID x 1-1/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 15/16"ID x 1-3/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 15/16"ID x 1-1/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
15/16"ID x 1-5/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1"ID x 1-1/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1"ID x 1-3/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1"ID x 1-1/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1"ID x 1-5/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1"ID x 1-3/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1"ID x 1-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1"ID x 1-5/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1"ID x 1-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1"ID x 2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/16"ID x 1-5/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/16"ID x 1-3/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-1/16"ID x 1-7/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/8"ID x 1-1/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/8"ID x 1-5/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-1/8"ID x 1-3/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/8"ID x 1-7/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/8"ID x 1-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-1/8"ID x 1-5/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/8"ID x 1-7/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/8"ID x 2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-3/16"ID x 1-3/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-3/16"ID x 1-7/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-3/16"ID x 1-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-3/16"ID x 1-9/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-3/16"ID x 1-5/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-3/16"ID x 1-11/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-1/4"ID x 1-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/4"ID x 1-9/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/4"ID x 1-5/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-1/4"ID x 1-11/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/4"ID x 1-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/4"ID x 1-7/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-1/4"ID x 2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-5/16"ID x 1-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-5/16"ID x 1-9/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-5/16"ID x 1-5/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-5/16"ID x 1-11/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-5/16"ID x 1-13/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-5/16"ID x 1-7/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-3/8"ID x 1-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-3/8"ID x 1-5/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-3/8"ID x 1-11/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-3/8"ID x 1-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-3/8"ID x 1-7/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-3/8"ID x 2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-3/8"ID x 2-1/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-7/16"ID x 1-5/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-7/16"ID x 1-11/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-7/16"ID x 1-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-7/16"ID x 1-13/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-7/16"ID x 1-7/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-7/16"ID x 1-15/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-7/16"ID x 2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-1/2"ID x 1-5/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/2"ID x 1-11/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/2"ID x 1-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-1/2"ID x 1-13/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/2"ID x 1-7/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/2"ID x 2"OD BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-1/2"ID x 2-1/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-1/2"ID x 2-1/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-9/16"ID x 1-13/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-9/16"ID x 1-15/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-5/8"ID x 1-7/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-5/8"ID x 2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-5/8"ID x 2-1/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-11/16"ID x 1-15/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-11/16"ID x 2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-11/16"ID x 2-1/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-11/16"ID x 2-3/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-11/16"ID x 2-1/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-3/4"ID x 2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-3/4"ID x 2-1/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-3/4"ID x 2-1/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-3/4"ID x 2-1/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-3/4"ID x 2-3/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-3/4"ID x 2-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-13/16"ID x 2-3/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-13/16"ID x 2-5/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-7/8"ID x 2-1/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-7/8"ID x 2-1/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-7/8"ID x 2-3/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-15/16"ID x 2-3/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-15/16"ID x 2-1/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-15/16"ID x 2-5/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-15/16"ID x 2-3/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
1-15/16"ID x 2-7/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 1-15/16"ID x 2-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2"ID x 2-1/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
2"ID x 2-3/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2"ID x 2-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2"ID x 2-5/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
2"ID x 2-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-1/8"ID x 2-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-1/8" ID x 2-5/8" OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
2-3/16"ID x 2-5/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-3/16"ID x 2-11/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-3/16"ID x 2-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
2-3/16"ID x 2-7/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-1/4"ID x 2-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-1/4"ID x 2-5/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
2-1/4"ID x 2-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-1/4"ID x 3"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-1/4"ID x 3-1/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
2-3/8"ID x 2-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-3/8"ID x 2-7/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-7/16"ID x 2-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
2-7/16"ID x 2-7/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-7/16"ID x 2-15/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-7/16"ID x 3"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
2-1/2"ID x 2-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-1/2"ID x 2-7/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-1/2"ID x 3"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
2-1/2"ID x 3-1/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-1/2"ID x 3-1/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-1/2"ID x 3-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
2-5/8"ID x 3"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-5/8"ID x 3-1/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-5/8"ID x 3-1/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
2-5/8"ID x 3-3/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-11/16"ID x 3-3/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-3/4"ID x 3-1/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
2-3/4"ID x 3-1/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-3/4"ID x 3-3/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-3/4"ID x 3-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
2-7/8"ID x 3-3/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-7/8"ID x 3-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 2-15/16"ID x 3-7/16"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
2-15/16"ID x 3-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3"ID x 3-3/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3"ID x 3-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
3"ID x 3-5/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3"ID x 3-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3"ID x 4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
3-1/4"ID x 3-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3-1/4"ID x 3-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3-7/16"ID x 3-15/16-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
3-1/2"ID x 4"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3-1/2"ID x 4-1/8"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3-1/2"ID x 4-1/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
3-3/4"ID x 4-1/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 3-3/4"ID x 4-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 4"ID x 4-1/2"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
4"ID x 4-3/4"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 4"ID x 5"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 4-1/4"ID x 4-3/4"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
4-1/4"ID x 5"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 4-1/2"ID x 5"OD -BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 4-1/2"ID x 5-1/2"OD-BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)
5"ID x 5-1/2"OD - BRONZE BUSHING (C93200) 5"ID x 6"OD - BRONZE BUSHING (C93200)

Atlas Bronze cast bronze bushings (custom and premade) are made from C93200 Leaded Tin Bronze

C93200 CB Standard Bushing Tolerances

  • Inside Diameter (ID)
    • 3" or less --- +/- .0010"
    • Over 3" --- +/- .0015"
  • Outside Diameter (OD)
    • 3" or less --- +.002" to .003"
    • Over 3" --- +.003" to .005"
  • Length (L)
    • +/-.005"
  • Concentricity
    • .003" T.I.R.

  • NEED A LARGER QUANTITY or WE DON'T HAVE YOUR PART? - We have been selling Cast Bronze bushing for nearly 20 years. This product line is new to the eCommerce store, but not new to us. We have ~900 sizes available and will get them all on the online store soon. If you do not see your part, let us know by emailing the manager of the online store Send Us An Email & we will make it a priority and send you the link, so you can purchase your parts.

    Other Options Available from our Engineered Products Division

    • Custom, Made to Print
    • Grease & Oil Grooved
    • Graphite Grooved
    • Graphite Plugged