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Machining Bronze Supplier

Atlas Bronze wants to help you take care of your customer and win more business.

We know that sometimes you work long hours in the shop and do not have the time to make another phone call for material. So we have designed our Online Store to be mobile friendly and available to you 24 hours a day.

Sometimes you won't know the best product for the job. Do you need a centrifugal, sand casting, or forged part? Let us help you in the selection process. Where many distributors sell many different kinds of metals, we have focused our attention on bronze and a few other non-ferrous metals. Let our years of experience with bronze and copper make your machine shop successful.

Are you running out of time on a job or find yourself behind? Let us know if you need an expedited delivery or a product that is near net cut. We have cut off saws, plate cutting saws, and grinders to get you a semi finished product to reduce your machining time.

Bronze (Wrought and Cast)

  • C93200
  • C95400
  • C83600
  • C84400
  • C86200
  • C86300
  • C86500
  • C90300
  • C90500
  • C90700
  • C91100
  • C92200
  • C92500
  • C92700
  • C93200
  • C93500
  • C93600
  • C93700
  • C95400
  • C95500
  • C95510
  • C95900
  • C51000
  • C54400
  • C61400
  • C63000
  • C63020
  • C63200
  • C64200
  • C65100
  • C65500
  • C67300
  • C67410
  • C67500
  • C67600
  • C72900

Copper and Brass Forgings

  • C36500
  • C37700
  • C38500
  • C46400
  • C48200
  • C48500
  • C67500
  • C10200
  • C10400
  • C10100
  • C11300
  • C14500
  • C14700
  • C15000
  • C16200
  • C17000
  • C18200
  • C62300
  • C62400
  • C63000
  • C63200
  • C65500
  • C67500