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Bronze Bushings & Bearings

Our Bronze Bushings are available as C93200 Standard Stocked Sleeve Bearings, Sintered Bronze Bearings, and are also available as Custom Made to Order plain bearings. The purpose of the bearings is to protect the moving parts from wear and shock loads. These bearings have no rolling elements, unlike a roller bearing.

Sintered Bronze Bearings are unique in that they start as a powder and in most cases do not require any additional lubrication.

Standard Stocked bushings (CB Bushings) are offered in C93200 Bearing Bronze (SAE 660). We also have Standard Stocked Bushings available in SAE 841 Sintered Bronze. Between these two product lines, we feature over 1,000 different sizes available to ship from stock. These standard parts provide off-the-shelf economy for many different applications.

We also know that sometimes a Standard Bushing will not work. That is why we also offer our quote service for made to order Bushings that are "Machined to Print" or "Made from Sample" parts. We welcome drawings in a number of different formats, such as; .pdf, Word, .jpeg's or CAD file to meet our customers needs.

Depending on the type of Bushing needed, we have the ability to use many different casting methods, alloys, and sizes to meet your requirements. The most common alloys used for customer bushings are C93200, C95400, and C86300. But we have made bushings from just about every type of Bronze on the market. The alloy you choose will largely depending on the high load capacity, high speeds, axial loads, and operating temperature.

Typically there are 3 Standard Types of Bushings

  • Sleeve Bearing
  • Flange Bearing (Double Flange also)
  • Thrust Bearing (also called a Thrust Washer)

Each type is available as a Plain, Grooved (Oil or Grease) and/or Graphite Plugged.

Bronze Bushings RFQ Form

C93200 Bronze Plain Sleeve BushingC93200 Oil Grease Grooved BushingGraphite Plugged Bushing

Flanged Plain Bronze BushingOiled Greased Flanged Bronze BushingFlanged Plugged Graphite Bronze Bushing

Bronze Thrust Washer PlainOiled Greased Bronze Thrust WasherBronze Thrust Washer Plugged