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As Cast Plate Bridge Plate - ASTM B22 Large Block Plate
Wearplate / Ground Plate

Bronze Plates

Atlas Bronze has one of the most extensive Inventory selections of Full Plate / Sheets and remnants / drop pieces in the industry. Additionally we carry large blocks that enable us to saw cut different plate thicknesses from widths; up to 18" wide on C95400 Aluminum Bronze and C86300 Manganese Bronze and up to 12" wide on C93200 Bearing Bronze.

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As Cast materials are made using the a continuous casting method that attains an extreme density grain-like structure that is free from porosity, thus prolonging the life of tooling.

Sizes: stocked in 60" to 144” lengths as standard items.

Widths up to 20" wide can be made to order. C95400 & C86300 up to 18" wide

Available in:
  • C83600 | CDA 836 (Leaded Tin Bronze)
  • C95400 | CDA 954 (Aluminum Bronze)
  • C86300 | CDA 863 (Manganese Bronze)
  • C93200 | CDA 932 (Bearing Bronze)
  • C95900 | CDA 959 (Aluminum Bronze)


Stocked in a ground condition +/- .002 on the thickness. We aim for +/- .000 so if you need a closer tolerance we will mic material upon request. Our bronze flat stock is machined from continuous cast, fine grain plate. Our bars are supplied ground top & bottom.


  • No milling or grinding necessary on the top or on the bottom – already done for you!!
  • No need to block it in, taping it down or toe clamp it anymore!

Sizes: C95400 Aluminum Bronze & C93200 Bearing Bronze from ¼ to 1” x 12” wide x 144” cut to your size


Naval Brass displays properties that have a high corrosion resistance to seawater. This makes C46400 Naval Brass a top candidate for marine applications and various industrial jobs. Additionally, C46400 offers excellent properties for being hot worked, while also keeping the ability to be moderately cold worked.


  • Available in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1" thick
  • DCB Gauge tolerance +0.000, -0.004
  • Plates up to 48" wide and 120" long
  • Plate surface Diamond Cut to RMS-63 finish


Atlas carries an extensive inventory of Bridge Plate material certified to ASTM B22. This material is suitable for use in bridges and other structures for fixed and expasion bearings in which motion is slow and intermittent. Our material is supplied with FULL CERTIFICATIONS and Compression testing (when applicable).

We carry:

  • C90500 - up to 12" wide(Certified to ASTM B22)
  • C86300 - up to 6" thick x 18" wide
  • C91100 - up to 6" thick x 18" wide
  • C93700 - up to 6" thick x 8" wide dual certified to both ASTM B505 & ASTM B22


Atlas Bronze carries a variety of alloys in Large Blocks. We will Saw Cut your desired thickness, width and length from the following blocks:

We carry:

  • C83600 - up to 12" wide
  • C90500 - up to 12" wide (Certified to ASTM B22)
  • C95400 - up to 6" thick x 18" wide
  • C93200 - up to 10" thick x 12" wide
  • C86300 - up to 6" thick x 18" wide
  • C91100 - up to 6" thick x 18" wide
  • C93700 - up to 6" thick x 8" wide dual certified to both ASTM B505 & ASTM B22