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As Cast Plate Bridge Plate - ASTM B22 Large Block Plate
Wearplate / Ground Plate

Bronze Plates

Atlas Bronze has one of the most extensive Inventory selections of Full Plate / Sheets and remnants / drop pieces in the industry. Additionally we carry large blocks that enable us to saw cut different plate thicknesses from widths; up to 18" wide on C95400 Aluminum Bronze and C86300 Manganese Bronze and up to 12" wide on C93200 Bearing Bronze.

We are the experts at machining bronze - which means you can get the perfect bronze plate to fit your specific application. Because bronze plates can be used in a wide variety of places, we know that every need is different. We employ a highly-trained and skilled crew and have the necessary powerful machines to get the job done for your convenience.

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As Cast materials are made using the a continuous casting method that attains an extreme density grain-like structure that is free from porosity, thus prolonging the life of tooling.

Sizes: stocked in 60" to 144” lengths as standard items.

Widths up to 20" wide can be made to order. C95400 & C86300 up to 18" wide

Available in:
  • C83600 | CDA 836 (Leaded Tin Bronze)
  • C95400 | CDA 954 (Aluminum Bronze)
  • C86300 | CDA 863 (Manganese Bronze)
  • C93200 | CDA 932 (Bearing Bronze)
  • C95900 | CDA 959 (Aluminum Bronze)


Stocked in a ground condition +/- .002 on the thickness. We aim for +/- .000 so if you need a closer tolerance we will mic material upon request. Our bronze flat stock is machined from continuous cast, fine grain plate. Our bars are supplied ground top & bottom.


  • No milling or grinding necessary on the top or on the bottom – already done for you!!
  • No need to block it in, taping it down or toe clamp it anymore!

Sizes: C95400 Aluminum Bronze & C93200 Bearing Bronze from ¼ to 1” x 12” wide x 144” cut to your size


Naval Brass displays properties that have a high corrosion resistance to seawater. This makes C46400 Naval Brass a top candidate for marine applications and various industrial jobs. Additionally, C46400 offers excellent properties for being hot worked, while also keeping the ability to be moderately cold worked.


  • Available in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1" thick
  • DCB Gauge tolerance +0.000, -0.004
  • Plates up to 48" wide and 120" long
  • Plate surface Diamond Cut to RMS-63 finish


Atlas carries an extensive inventory of Bridge Plate material certified to ASTM B22. This material is suitable for use in bridges and other structures for fixed and expasion bearings in which motion is slow and intermittent. Our material is supplied with FULL CERTIFICATIONS and Compression testing (when applicable).

We carry:

  • C90500 - up to 12" wide(Certified to ASTM B22)
  • C86300 - up to 6" thick x 18" wide
  • C91100 - up to 6" thick x 18" wide
  • C93700 - up to 6" thick x 8" wide dual certified to both ASTM B505 & ASTM B22


Atlas Bronze carries a variety of alloys in Large Blocks. We will Saw Cut your desired thickness, width and length from the following blocks:

We carry:

  • C83600 - up to 12" wide
  • C90500 - up to 12" wide (Certified to ASTM B22)
  • C95400 - up to 6" thick x 18" wide
  • C93200 - up to 10" thick x 12" wide
  • C86300 - up to 6" thick x 18" wide
  • C91100 - up to 6" thick x 18" wide
  • C93700 - up to 6" thick x 8" wide dual certified to both ASTM B505 & ASTM B22

Frequently Asked Questions About Bronze Plates

What are metal plates?

Metal plates are when metals and alloys are formed into flat plates with a certain degree of thickness. With the right company, such as Atlas Bronze, you can order these flat plates in just the right size for your application.

What is the difference between a sheet and a plate?

The terms sheet and plate are used to refer to the thickness of the metal. To be more specific, sheet metal is always generally less than 3mm thick where metal plates are thicker than 3mm - and usually even greater than 6mm. Keep in mind that these are just average measurements. Specific numbers can depend on the application, the type of metal, etc.

What is bronze commonly used for?

Bronze is used in many different applications. It has been used for things like hardware mounts, furniture trim, ceiling or wall panels, automobile parts, electrical contacts, bearings (thanks to its friction properties), ship propellers, musical instruments, engine parts, pumps, and more.

It can be used in many industries, including the marine industry due to its high corrosion resistance, its ability to naturally lubricate itself, and high strength. Bronze holds up well in both saltwater and freshwater.

What is a bronze bridge plate?

Bridge plates are designed to work well for structures - like bridges - in which bearing movement is slow and not constant. In other words, bridges only open at certain times of the day or when a large boat is coming through so bridge plates will work well.

The metal that is used for this type of application has to be high-quality and able to resist rust, corrosion, and other weather-related factors. Bronze bridge plates are a great option due to their qualities.

What is corrosion? Can bronze corrode?

Corrosion is the process of deterioration of a metal’s properties as it is exposed to certain environmental factors over time. For bronze, it is water and humidity. Typically there is a sealant or layer of protection that keeps the bronze free from corrosion. If the integrity of that sealed barrier is jeopardized, corrosion will happen.

Although it is not impossible for bronze to corrode, it is highly resistant. Bronze disease, which is a form of corrosion that affects bronze, appears in green along the surface of the metal. This can appear as a powdery texture or a wax-like film. If left untreated, it will continue to corrode and destroy the metal.

What if I have questions about bronze plates?

If you have questions about bronze plates, our knowledge staff at Atlas Bronze is here for you. We can help you find exactly what you need for your application or project. You can reach us at (800) 478-0887.