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Bridge Plate - ASTM B22

Atlas Bronze offers Bridge Plate dual certified to ASTM B22 and ASTM B505. Our Bridge Plate can come as large as (6" thick x 18" wide) and we will cut it to your specific thickness, width and length.

As mentioned previously, the material is certified to ASTM B22 and covers the requirements for UNS C86300, C90500, C91100, C91300, or C93700 bronze alloy castings for turntables, movable bridges, and bridge parts. The specification also includes bronze castings made from the same copper alloys that are suitable for use in bridges and other structures for fixed and expansion bearings in which motion is slow and intermittent.

Each product should be manufactured by casting to produce a uniform finished product. Castings made from the UNS C86300 copper alloy should be subjected to Brinell hardness, tension, and compression tests while those made from UNS C91100 and C91300 should be subjected to compression tests. UNS C90500 copper alloy castings should undergo tension tests. All mechanical properties like deformation limit in compression, hardness, and yield strength are determined from separately cast test bars and should conform to the specified requirements.


C86300 Manganese Bronze - ASTM B22 Bridge Plate
C91100 Tin Bronze - ASTM B22 Plate
C93700 Bronze - ASTM B22 Plate
Other Alloys per ASTM B22 & ASTM B505

Atlas Bronze offers Big Block Bridge Plate to cut the Bridge Plate. The Big Block Plate is available as Continuous Cast Bar Stock dual certified to both ASTM B505 and ASTM B22. We also offer a select number of sizes in Sand Casting (ASTM B584) as well. *The method in which the material is cast will depend on your size, specification and desired quantity.

Our Bridge Plate per ASTM B22 is available in Standard thicknesses or we can cut your desired thickness, width and length from one of our Big Blocks! We regularly stock our Big Block Plates in a variety of sizes to achieve optimal cutting capacity:

  • 4" thick x 12.2" wide
  • 5" thick x 15" wide
  • 8" thick x 15-7/8" wide
  • 10" thick x 12" wide