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Copper Alloy Forgings

Copper alloy forgings are available as open die forgings, hammer forgings, or precision rolled ring forgings depending on your alloy industrial product needs and specifications.. Our mill can process you material in a process that will enhance the performance by using different forging techniques like cold work, cross-grain, hot forge, upset, upset & cross-grain.

Copper alloy forgings are used in many applications such as Forged Plates, Blocks, Round Bars, Motor End Rings, Rolled Rings, Seam Weld Wheel Blanks, Finished Seam Weld Wheels, Alloy Industrial Products, Seam Weld Shafts and special shapes.

Copper Forging Alloys

Alloy Common Name AMS Spec. Available Shapes Description
C18150 Copper Chromium Zirconium

C18200 Copper Chromium

C18000 Copper Nickel Silicon Chromium

C15000 Copper Zirconium

C17510 Copper Nickel Beryllium

C17200 Copper Beryllium

Atlas Bronze offers a range of copper alloy forgings for use in many applications, such as:

Aerospace Industry
Aircraft Industry
Appliance Industry
Automatic Vending
Automotive Industry
Building Construction
Business Equipment
Consumer Electronics
Farm Machinery
Foundry Products
General Manufacturing
Industrial Machinery
Machine Tool
Manufacturing Industry
Material Handling Systems
Material Processing
Medical / Dental Equipment
Military and Defense
Oil & Gas Industry
Plastic Injection Mold Tooling
Power Generation
Racking / Shelving Systems
Resistance Welding Industry
Seam Welding
Telecommunications Industry
Universities / Laboratories
Welded Wire Reinforcement Industry

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