Celebrating 25 Years

A Modern Bronze Distributor with Old Time Values

Here at Atlas, twenty five great years have taught us a few things. So today, we are a modern bronze distributor helping out customers by offering stock and engineered products. In addition, we also stock small diameter bronze cast & wrought bar, cast & wrought plate and custom cutting bronze plate for quick shipments. Our highly trained and experienced engineered sales team offers Bronze Sand Castings, Centrifugal Castings, and Forgings.

Communicating with Atlas

For some of us, the 1990's don't seem to far ago. But communication has changed so much in the last 25 years; especially with the "need it now" mentality. Yet, we have always remained easy to communicate and work with. You can send us an RFQ online through our forms, via email, or place an order online through the e-commerce team, or even call in over the phone. We also maintain a fax machine for some of our customers.

Convenience and Service are Bar None at Atlas Bronze

We aim to please and still remain committed to the golden rule. We won’t stop until our customers are satisfied from start to finish. So, even with the times changing, we’re just...

A MODERN day vendor with OLD TIME values.