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SAE 841 Sintered Bronze Solid Bar Stock

SAE 841 Sintered Bronze Solid Bar Stock are rigid, temperature resistant and high strength bushings formed through the process of sintering, or powder metallurgy. Powder metallurgy uses a number of different metals including aluminum, copper, nickel, brass, steel, stainless steel, nickel and titanium in the fabrication of powdered metal parts.

Powdered metal parts have a proven record of unexcelled wear resistance and long life. They hold closer tolerances and can be made self-lubricating through oil impregnation. Because of smoother action and self-dampening features, powder metal assures a quiet operation.

The process of powder metallurgy has (3) basic steps:

  1. First, the metal, in this case, bronze or bronze alloy, is made into a powdered form. This can be achieved by a number of methods including grinding, chemical decomposition and the most common atomization.
  2. The metallic powder is then poured into a die or mold cavity and compacted under great pressure in order to adhere the particles. This occurs at room temperature.
  3. The metal part is then inserted into a furnace where the extreme heat fuses the metal particles together to form a rigid, high strength and porous component. This part of the process is called sintering.

The resulting porosity of the sintered parts makes powder metal products especially useful in lubricating applications and as a result, bearings and wear plates are often fabricated from sintered bronze. Powdered metal offer both strength and flexibility. Additionally, they offer a cost effective production process that includes oil impregnation or permanent lubrication.

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.2500" 2.000" S841SSBS-2-2
.3750" 3.000" S841SSBS-3-3
.5000" 6.500" S841SSBS-4-6
.6250" 6.500" S841SSBS-5-6
.7500" 6.500" S841SSBS-6-6
.8750" 6.500" S841SSBS-7-6
1.000" 6.500" S841SSBS-8-6
1.125" 6.500" S841SSBS-9-6
1.250" 6.500" S841SSBS-10-6
1.375" 6.500" S841SSBS-11-6
1.500" 6.500" S841SSBS-12-6
1.625" 6.500" S841SSBS-13-6
1.750" 6.500" S841SSBS-14-6
2.000" 6.500" S841SSBS-16-6
2.250" 6.500" S841SSBS-18-6
2.500" 6.500" S841SSBS-20-6
2.750" 6.500" S841SSBS-22-6
3.000" 6.500" S841SSBS-24-6
3.250" 6.500" S841SSBS-26-6
3.500" 6.500" S841SSBS-28-6
4.000" 6.500" S841SSBS-32-6
4.500" 6.500" S841SSBS-36-6
5.000" 6.500" S841SSBS-40-6
5.500" 6.500" S841SSBS-44-6
6.000" 6.500" S841SSBS-48-6
7.000" 6.500" S841SSBS-56-6
8.000" 6.500" S841SSBS-64-6


  • ASTM - B438, Grade 1, Type II
  • MPIF - CT-1000-K26
  • Military - MIL-B-5687D, Type I, Grade I (This spec, is not applicable to bar stock. This spec only applies to Bushings & Washers. Please call for more information, 1-800-478-0887)


Heavy industry uses Sintered Bronze as machinery components, as self-lubricating pump parts, and as turbine blades. The military depends on them for reliability in weapons and aircraft; and the technique is used to fabricate exotic materials for space vehicles. Also used in shock absorbers, home appliances, automobiles and as well as most commonly as bearings or bushings, sintered bronze parts can be produced in large quantities with consistent properties and sizes.