Copper, Brass, and Bronze Solid Bar

Our Bar Stock is available in most Copper & Bronze Alloys as well as Gray and Ductile Iron's. We also carry bar stock in Sintered Bronze & Sintered Iron. Our solid bar stock is available in common sizes and display the highest quality and performance.

Copper, Brass, and Bronze Solid Bar Availability / Sizes

Most of our Bar Stock is stocked in 13", 105", or 144" lengths; depending on the alloy. We also cut to size. (Please visit the alloy page of your choice for the corresponding stocked length available.)

Copper, Brass, and Bronze Solid Bar Benefits
  • Readily available
  • Stocked in a wide range of common sizes
  • Allows you to find material as close as possible to your net shape
  • Cut to size service

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Phosphor Bronze

C51000 Wrought Phosphor Bronze
C54400 Wrought Phosphor Bronze

Aluminum Bronze (Wrought)

C61400 Wrought Aluminum Bronze

Nickel Aluminum Bronzes

C63000 Wrought Nickel Aluminum Bronze 10%
C63020 Nickel Aluminum Bronze
C63200 Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Silicon Aluminum Bronzes

C64200 Wrought Silicon Aluminum Bronze

Silicon Bronzes

C65100 Wrought Low Silicon Bronze B
C65500 Wrought High Silicon Bronze A
C67300 Wrought Leaded Silicon Manganese Bronze
C674100 Wrought Manganese Aluminum Brass
C67500 Wrought Manganese Bronze
C67600 Wrought Manganese Bronze
C72900 Wrought Copper Nickel Tin Spinodal


Red Brasses

C83600 Cast Leaded Red Brass, SAE 40
C84400 Cast Leaded Semi-Red Brass

Manganese Bronzes

C86200 Cast Manganese Bronze
C86300 Cast High Tensile Manganese Bronze
C86500 Cast High Strength Manganese Bronze

Tin Bronzes

C90300 Cast Bronze Navy G
C90500 Cast Tin Bronze, Gun Metal, SAE 62
C90700 Cast Tin Bronze, SAE 65
C91100 Cast Tin Bronze

Leaded Tin Bronzes

C92200 Cast Leaded Tin Bronze, Navy M
C92500 Cast Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE 640
C92700 Cast Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE 63

High - Leaded Tin Bronzes

C93200 Cast Bearing Bronze, SAE 660
C93500 Cast High Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE 66
C93600 Cast Bearing Grade Bronze - MOD SAE 64
C93700 Cast High Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE 64

Aluminum Bronzes (Cast)

C95400 Cast Aluminum Bronze, 9C
C95500 Cast Aluminum Bronze
C95510 Nickel Aluminum Bronze, AMS 4880
C95900 Cast Aluminum Bronze