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C72900 Nickel Bronze

C72900 is an extruded and drawn, spinodal hardened, copper nickel-tin (CuNiSn) bronze alloy. It is great in high-strength applications. It resists mechanical wear, galling, stress relaxation, corrosion and erosion. It is non-magnetic and easy to machine into complex components. It is also and ecofriendly material, being that it is lead and beryllium free. C72900 is an excellent alternative to nickel alloys, aluminum bronzes, and beryllium copper.

C72900 is used in various aircraft components. Its advantage are its high strength, anti-galling, non-sparking and easy machinability. Is a great material that loves harsh environments.

You will find C72900 used in aerospace, oil and gas, and many other applications. It is available as AMS4596 and AMS 4598 specifications.