RoHS / REACH Statement

Products sold by Atlas Bronze may contain Lead. Lead is found on the RoHS III restricted substances list and the REACH 191 SVHC Candidate List, in amounts greater than 0.1%. All products sold by Atlas Bronze can be supplied with a Chemical Certificate of Analysis which lists Lead and the amount found within the material if greater than 0.1%. All Certifications must be requested at time of order.

Certain products are RoHS III compliant via exemption, 6(c). Exemption 6(c) was granted for lead in copper and brass alloys, allowing up to 4% lead by weight. Some alloys that fall in this exemption are C54400, C86300, and C90300.

Certain products that we sell are NOT RoHS III compliant. For instance, UNS C93200 may contain 6-8% lead, which is outside the 6(c) exemption level.

All other listed SVHC {Substances of Very High Concern) in the Reach Candidate list dated 7/8/2021 are not part of the manufacturing process or added items to our products.

Additional Resources for RoHS and Reach

RoHS-FAQ (copper.org)

Understanding REACH

REACH 191 SVHC Candidate List

The European Chemical Agency's answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

We always suggest requesting the chemical and or mechanical certifications of any alloy, so you can confirm compliance to this and other standards yourself. All certifications must be requested at time of quote.